Super Sentai Season 35 Episode 4 : Why Are We Comrades? Full Episode
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Super Sentai
First Air Date:2011-03-06
Season Number:35
Genres : Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy,
Storyline :
The Gokaigers had achieved the Great Power of the Magiranger. Using the Magiranger Keys in the cockpit, the Rangers activated MagiDragon. Action Commander Zodomas, a sword specialist, appears and begins destroying the city. Joe and Ahim are out shopping when Zodomas attacks, and have to start fighting with Marvelous, Don and Luka. Joe is made a fool of by Zodomas' sword techniques, and after the battle he decides he needs to go this one alone, and leaves Gokai Galleon. Ahim is worried about him, and tries to convince him they need to fight as a team. Can Joe really defeat Zodomas on his own? Grasp this battle in your hands! It's not something you want to miss!
Casts : Takumi Kizu, Yosuke Kishi, Sakurako Ookubo, Tetsuji Sakakibara, Kazuya Nakai, Yuki Ono, Akio Ohtsuka, Taiki Yamazaki, Mao Ichimichi, Atsuki Tani, Takaya Kuroda, Hiroshi Kamiya, Shota Taguchi, Subaru Kimura, Keisuke Minami,